Episode 53 – 6 Degree’s of Kevin’s Bacon

And now for something a little different – an actor spotlight dedicated to Kevin Bacon?

Well, it just so happens that Mr. Bacon has appeared in a number of films which your hosts happen to enjoy (be they nostalgic favorites or legitimate upper tier horror flicks), despite his apparent reluctance to dwell upon his horror roots. So, yes Bacon is the common thread to allow us to revisit 6 genre entries and reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of each. Per listener request (here it comes Mark), the 6 degrees are as follows: Friday the 13th, Tremors, Flatliners, Stir of Echoes, Hollow Man and Death Sentence (plus some honourable mentions).

Remember to play the 6 degrees of separation game too at The Oracle of Bacon here. The site will generate the connection to any given name – have fun.

A carryover from the gremlins edition of From The Hip is laid to rest when we deliver our Top 5 film endings list. The gremlins attempted to invade yet again but were beaten into a bloody pulp by Ted with their lifeless heads spiked to the outside of the door as a warning to the rest.

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