Episode 83 – The Trouble With Trekkies

Trek. The final frontier. These are the ramblings of podcast hosts who’s purpose is to seek out new levels of geekdom, to boldly go where no horror podcast has gone before…….

Well, we gave you fair warning and the time has finally arrived to dedicate an episode of the show to Star Trek. Don’t worry it’s not that bad – we cover the new JJ Abrams films which well deserves the praise we heap on it (spoiler free), and run through the previous ten feature films in a very casual manner. If you have been a fan of the franchise we hope you enjoy the quick spin we give each of the installments and if you are a casual viewer or perhaps are completely uninitiated hopefully you will get a sense of what makes these films what they are. Worrying about canon and continuity is out the window because as we say when nitpicking over irrelevant details that do not influence a plot becomes a burden, concern over canon has gone too far.

So whatever your familiarity with the series may be, please take a walk with us through the highs and lows of what is unquestionably one of the most influential and beloved sci-fi franchises of all time.

In keeping with the theme of the opening piece from The Onion , we take a look back at that infamous saturday night live skit featuring the Shat finally tearing into those stinking trekkies for all they’re worth.

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