Episode 138 – LOST (It Only Ends Once)

It’s over. As the final LOST stamp faded into blackness a huge chapter of a personal journey through some of the most engaging and challenging storytelling I’ve ever been part of came to a close. To be perfectly honest this is a time of great melancholy. The wrap up episode of LOST from Horroretc is something that has been long promised and I have looked forward to this moment with great anticipation but now that the book has closed emotions that were most unexpected have set in. We hope you join us this week in a casual discussion of the general impressions the series has left with its dedicated fans and a very immediate reaction to the finale presented.

The first half of the show is spent revisiting some of the key elements that made this a landmark in network television. In terms of overall scope it may be unsurpassed. Beautiful cinematography, powerful musical scores, complex characters, excellent performances, thought provoking writing, and some of the most dense mythology ever created. Standing back from the minor quibbles over concrete resolutions and unfulfilled concepts introduced along its six year run, the series provided a finale that challenged the viewer to think and arrive at conclusions not necessarily spelled out. What else should we have expected from writers who incorporated so many elements of world theologies into storytelling thematics and named characters after philosphers whose various conceptual understandings of our existance demanded consideration.

The initial reaction session was a contentious one and may be representative of the general audience reaction to LOST as a whole. Looking forward to a rewatch but in the meantime regard this episode as a celebration of a cultural phenomenon.

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