Episode 140 – From The Hip X (on the road again)

Fire up the GPS, load up the cooler and kick off your shoes – we’re hitting the road for our illustrious 10th From the Hip episode. It was a sunny summer day, far too nice to be sitting indoors around the mic so we took ourselves a trip and chatted about some pretty random topics.

Subjects include the Blair Witch Project (yes, again…but there’s a reason), Ridley Scott’s new take on Robin Hood, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, HBO’s The Pacific, Festival of Fear 2010, The Last Exorcism and lots more. We get some more input from the listeners through the voicemail line who bring up great thoughts on the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, the disparity between online friends and flesh and blood friends when it comes to horror interests, the ineffectiveness of The Exorcist (!?) and more insight into Italian Horror. Speaking of Italian horror, this week’s film pick is The Church (1989) by Michele Saovi. An eclectic and somber take on the demon possession tale aided by some truly jolting images.

We are very aware that this week’s episode is relatively light on horror content and heavy on the voicemails but the fact is this was the content we watched this week and the commentary sent in from misterd, Bill, Matt and Alan was too good to not share. Many thanks for listening to our unfocused From the Hip episodes, they are a lot of fun for us to do and we hope you have some fun with them too.

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