Episode 151 – From The Hip (summer fiesta)

What is this, another From the Hip episode? The summer schedule contines to wreak havoc on your hosts ability to coordinate a more focused show so we’re going random one more time. The truth behind why the long threatened Argento show hasn’t happened yet is revealed though, and it isn’t a matter of scheduling.

This week we fired up the BBQ, sat out on the deck and discussed the summer fluff piece Piranha 3D. Boobs and blood were promised so did it deliver? Does a fish crap in the lake (hmmm, not really sure about how all that works). We also finally get around to talking about American Psycho (2000), the fratboy cult fave Boondock Saints (1999), the compelling downfall of Troy Duffy documented in Overnight (2003), a sword/gun and scorcery film Soloman Kane (2009), and a new documentary for the horror fan Nightmares in Red, White and Blue (2009).

Bullitt, Deathproof, Dexter and some more random BS round things out. We had a bit of a technical glitch and our 15 minute schlock corner was lost so we have just cut in Christian Bale’s tantrum from a year ago for your listening pleasure (3:45).

Finally, an apology. As we sat by an outdoor pool while recording we didn’t notice the hum of the motor which did end up picking up. Hopefully the feedback isn’t too distracting.

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