Episode 162 – From The Hip: Talking Horror

A pretty wide range of topics this week in a very conversational session of the podcast. The best way to explain what to expect in the show is to list off just some of the many directions things went while we chatted:

– the state of horror & where we are as fans
– a teaser of our coverage of the Psycho film franchise
– where is the Period Horror? Is the industry afraid of disassociation with their contemporary audience?
– the impact of a market on the quality and care put into the films offered
– the importance of a deep ‘film vocabulary’
– appeal for listener recommendations…you be the critic
– the evolution of box office economics
– Kingdom of the Spiders 3D
– reaching into the back catalogue of horror films vs new releases
– The Hereafter / Clint Eastwood
– Megamind / Will Ferrell
– The Walking Dead! very minor spoiler talk (41:13 – 51:31)
– 3DTV and Blu-ray (importance of restoration via remastering)
– Star Wars
– Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies (2001)
– Halloween 2010…..and more.

Along the way, we share some recent voicemail feedback that allowed for some further debate on subjects like X-Files, TV horror, how ‘fusion on a molecular level’ works in The Fly ’86 and Paranormal Activity 2. Thanks for listening and remember we are looking for your book club reviews and recommendations.

As always we welcome your comments:
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