Episode 188 – Universal Horror What Ifs

Karloff as The Invisible Man or The Wolf Man?
Lugosi as Frankenstein’s monster?? Wha — ???

For years, fans of the classic Universal monsters have been tantalized by those vague references to the “what ifs” of classic films that were conceived, but never produced. It is well known that Lon Chaney Sr. was intended to bring Dracula to life on the big screen long before Bela Lugosi’s name became synonymous with the character but until recently no further details have ever been known. And what about Dracula vs The Wolf Man, an abandoned technicolour sequel to Frankenstein vs The Wolf Man destined to star Chaney Jr. as both antagonists? How would Boris Karloff have fared if he donned the goggles and bandages as HG Well’s doomed scientist, and could Lugosi’s career have taken a different turn if James Whale’s outrageous – S&M laden – version of Dracula’s Daughter had been filmed?

Well-known film historian and author, Philip J. Riley, has released a published a series of annotated previously unreleased screenplays commissioned by Universal during the 30’s and 40’s, offering us a glimpse of those films which might have been. This week he joins us on the program to offer a rare glimpse into an era gone-by to discuss abandoned film and casting ideas, and an intriguing suggestion as to the whereabouts of a surviving print of London After Midnight. Join Ted, Tony… and the ultimate monster hunter on this installment of HETC.

Further thoughts on Let Me In and oh yeah, just for kicks… it’s Kung Fu Vampires, baby!

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