Episode 204 – Let’s Get Nasty

Video Nasties! The term brings to mind a lot of memories. The fondness of nostalgia to think of those video discoveries on rental shelves with the exciting cover art and titles with promises of the forbidden. But also the reminder of the heavy hand of censorship and the damage that can be done through paranoia and fear mongering.

The video nasties film festival (our road to covering the entirety of the film catalogue labeled as nasty) kicks off with an episode dedicated to the history of the movement to enact the Video Recordings Act and the origin of the infamous “list”. 1983 has proven to be an unfortunate pitfall of history for fans of horror, those of us who seek to be challenged by the offerings of the genre, as it marks a place and time where the lobbying efforts of a select few managed to criminalize the ownership of a movie.

So it’s a brief overview of the how’s and why’s of the video nasties and our first entry of the film festival: Maniac (1980), a true example of the low budget independent grunge horror/exploitation era of the late 70’s / early 80’s. The list as it stands today is comprised of 72 titles but it changed weekly for close to a year so our coverage will begin by covering the ‘outliers’ that stood outside of the 72 at the time of its publication (New York Ripper next week).

So feel free to participate in our challenge to watch and discuss each and every title once known as a Video Nasty! Listener voicemails help us round things out with commentary on horror video games, horror anime, Harry Potter reaction and a modern Nasty Hobo With a Shotgun.

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3 Responses to Episode 204 – Let’s Get Nasty

  1. Hi there.
    If you’re interested, I have just completed a 2 and a half year project on this very subject critiquing the entire list of 72 films (plus 2 that were very closely associated with the DPP list) and a two part documentary or around 2 hours long.
    It’s way too much to take in in one sitting because most of the critiques are 10-15 mins long but you may find them interesting. Let me know what you think if you’re so inclined, you can find me at the lampyman101 channel on Youtube and the series is ‘The Nasties Review’ which if you google it will be come up with tons of ways of watching it.

    all the best


  2. Alfredo Medina says:

    Hey guys.

    I’m totally up for the challenge of the video nasties (it’s a good excuse after all).
    I’ve been wanting to leave you some feedback and talk a little about some mexican horror movies
    and some pretty interesting festivals that are comming this year; I think I will do it when I figure the voicemail thing out. Until then, congratulations on the show and keep up the good work.

  3. Terrific episode, especially the look back on MANIAC. as an FYI for Tony-Blue Underground released a fantastic remastered special edition of this film on DVD and Blu Ray in 2009. There’s an excellent documentary looking back at not only how the film was made and its notoriety, but also a great in depth look at Spinell as well.

    there’s a terrific piece of home footage of Spinell hanging out with a young Speilberg as they’re waiting in anticipation for the Oscar nominations to come out for JAWS. When Jaws gets snubbed, Speilberg goes bananas with a diatribe that would make a pro wrestling heel proud. Very cool stuff.