Episode 221 – From The Hip 16

We know one thing for certain… it’s always fun to shoot from the hip. In our latest installment of the long running series of shows that really throw a net over everything on our minds when it comes to genre talk we really did keep things fast and loose.

A sampling of the subjects covered include holiday season woes, catching up with the latest season of Dexter, a massive commitment to Breaking Bad (four seasons consumed in just over a week ?!), one more diatribe on digital distribution, the wonders of Blu Ray, and thoughts on several recently seen films: modern rubber suit monster movie Creature (2011), Brit horror comedy Attack the Block(2011), blaxploitation zombie flick Sugar Hill (1974), unseen telefilm from UPN and found footage predecessor Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998), and a return to the video nasties with the nunsploitation classic Killer Nun (1979).

All this and a whole lot more as we truly lived up to the spirit of the From The Hip format. Schlock corner features William Shatner (maybe it would be more meaningful to mention when it doesn’t), this time with Shatner vs. Carrie Fisher.

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (watch online):

Schlock Corner pt 1:

Schlock Corner Pt 2:

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3 Responses to Episode 221 – From The Hip 16

  1. Kell Brigan says:

    Eh… Cute, I guess.

    (Why do Hollywood people think bashing Republicans is funny? Haven’t they caught on yet that they ain’t the boss of us?)

  2. Kell Brigan says:

    P. S. That comment was about the schlock stuff, not the podcast.

  3. SikeChick says:

    Ted, I hope you will get a chance to catch The Wire. It is soooooo good. Interesting, complex characters, well-acted, compelling stories. No one that I’ve recommended the show to (and there have been many) hasn’t loved it. I, like you, was slow to jumping on he Breaking Bad train. I Nextflixed the first disc and fell in love with it. And wouldn’t you know? I found the first 3 seasons on DVD for $15 each that same weekend. I ended up crammming on those and catching season 4 through Amazon. I would love an “etc” podcast on this show.

    I see that Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County is available on Google Video. I look forward to checking it out.