Episode 234 – Nordic Horror (part 2)

Don’t unpack just yet, we are staying over for another discussion of Nordic Horror.

As we found last week, there has been a surprising variety of output from this area of the world (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) which provided us with an interesting list of movie titles to cover. So many in fact that we are picking up right where we left off. This week we take a look at several titles that have generally not found a presence here in North America and discuss the possible reasons. While there are certainly original and unique entries in the horror genre coming from this region, this week we prove that a lack of reinvention in the storytelling format to satisfy proven tastes is not just a Hollywood studio issue.

The selection of titles discussed this week include Lake of the Dead (1958), The Whore (2009), Manhunt (2008), Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1974), Dark Woods (2003), Room 205 (2007) and Sauna (2008). Previously we had posed a Bergman challenge which resulted in an executive decision to forego that discussion this week in favour of a spotlight episode – more to come.

Additional topics include Oscars ’12, Blood and Black Lace and Mario Bava, Innkeepers and more computer failures. Huge thanks go out to those who have contributed to the show in the past few weeks for helping us address the equipment problem. Please send us your audio recording of an eerie yarn, your foreign (to North America) horror recommendation, or book club submission to qualify for one of our 4 graphic novel prize packages courtesy of 2000 AD and Rebellion Press. Oh, and Christopher Walken gives us a call.

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3 Responses to Episode 234 – Nordic Horror (part 2)

  1. Jess from Nashvegas says:

    This is great stuff! I can’t wait to record a ‘campfire’ story. Also, I’ve seen “troll hunter” around and ignored it but now I’m going to go get it.

  2. Jim says:

    German horror, anyone? How about Russian or Romanian?

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