Episode 238 – From The Hip (nasty edition)

It’s loose, fiery and a little unhinged on the Horror Etc podcast this week, as Tony and Ted regroup after several hectic weeks of work and travel. In a return to the classic odds and ends From the Hip episode format, your hosts unwind and discuss an assortment of off the wall bits and pieces… from Video Nasties to Ken Dodd — golden showers to amorous encounters with goats (!!) A fun time is had by all. Hmmm, maybe it was the beer and port?

Films discussed in this episode include Island of Death, Night Train Murders, Silent House (2012), Fight For Your Life and Drive (a lot of schlock followed by a very impressive film). Upcoming trailers for Cabin in the Woods and Piranha 3DD also fall under the microscope… and Ted talks about having recently read The Hunger Games !? If you’re going to watch one film about teens fighting to the death with random weapons at the whim of a totalitarian government this week – make it Battle Royale.

Join us as we descend into the maelstrom of infamy and hilarity, on a unique and laugh-filled episode of Horror Etc!

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One Response to Episode 238 – From The Hip (nasty edition)

  1. Justin says:

    Hey guys, downloading the episode now. Can’t wait to listen. Just wanted to say, the poster for Terror of Dracula looks AMAZING. Very curious to see how the flick turned out. Keep up the good work guys.