Episode 331 – Horroretc: Friendship is Magic


This is what a From the Hip episode was meant to be. From an opening rant to the psychology of cats and everything in between. We opened up the mic and talked about some of the stuff we have been watching but to try to organize it in a summary is challenging. Here goes: Ted shares some recent video game experiences (The Last of Us and The Walking Dead season 2), Anthony shares a number of documentaries he’s checked out from Searching for Sugarman to a cool look at the supporting players of film in That Guy Who Was in That Thing, to analysis of film vs digital projection in Side by Side to a guy who can supposedly see spirits in Wake Up.

Oh, but there was one more documentary that we both saw which delivered true frights – Bronies.. adult fans of My Little Pony!? Rounding out the film titles, we discuss Lone Survivor, All is Lost, and Martha Marcy May Marlene, but the meat of this episode are the tangents into everything from where the next generation Star Trek films went wrong, the state of found footage, cheapo Amityville and Bell Witch films, the 12th season of Supernatural to name a few.

We hope you enjoy a good old fashioned from the hip show and welcome your feedback on anticipated films of 2014 (just keep your “clomping” stories to yourself).

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2 Responses to Episode 331 – Horroretc: Friendship is Magic

  1. Hammerhead says:

    Speaking as a brony, I can say that the only way you could understand the fandom is to watch a few episodes. Every brony started out reacting the same way you did. The transformation is so standard you can plot it in stages:

    Stage 1: Wait. What? This is a thing? Seriously? Weird.

    Stage 2: Hm. Well, that was a cute little clip I just saw on Youtube.

    Stage 3: Wait, they have entire episodes on Youtube? Well may as well see what all the fuss’s about.

    Stage 4: Well, that was… OK. Surprisingly clever. Not sure what the big deal is though.

    Stage 5: Youtube keeps shoving more episodes at me! Oh well, what the heck…

    Stage 6: That… Was…. AWESOME!!! OMG OMG OMG…

    Stage 7: There’s only four seasons? Damn! Wait, the fans MADE THEIR OWN EPISODES? No. Way.

    And from there, you reach the next level.

  2. Mark says:

    Loved the discussion on The Last of Us.
    Ted, I do a video series deconstructing and explaining why I love certain games. I know you are quite fond of some of the titles I’ve already looked at – Bioshock and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Anyway I’m doing one on the Last of Us right now, and it was great that you too enjoyed it, as it was possibly my favorite piece of the “horror” in any form of media of last year.
    Anyway you may be interested to know that Naughty Dog will be releasing a whole new side story (a prequel) to The Last of Us called “Left Behind” on Feb 14th. It could be great or it could tarnish a story where I felt was complete with a beautifully realised ending.
    Anyway I love the show and look forward to listening to many more!