Premium Episode #2 is Available – Demons:Elemental Evil

Demons - Elemental Evil (reduced)

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Demons: Elemental Evil

A supernatural, malevolent being. A persistent tormenting force. An evil spirit.
However you define it, the concept of Demons have been with us throughout recorded history and still serve as a reliable means to deliver unsettling frights in all forms of narrative storytelling today. In this episode we try to make sense of just what a Demon is, what it represents and why it is just such an effective antagonist.

Beginning with an outline of the historical background of Demons (and demonology) we consider the comparison of Demons to spirits, possession versus haunting and why it is so effective in frightening us. We progress to an impromptu storytelling segment where we relay some personal experiences that made us question the reality around us. Which of us survived an extended period of mysterious rappings, inexplicable sightings and dark shapes in their kitchen – tune in to find out.

There are a couple of fun lists shared including the ten worst theological / mythological Demons (which truly demonstrated the cultural expanse of the concept), and the individual Demons to blame for your nasty behaviours.

As Demons are such a pervasive element in the horror genre, it is impossible to attempt a breakdown of the best cinematic representations so instead we share a selection of personal favourites and take the opportunity to discuss a few recent films that may have gone unnoticed but offer a very interesting approach to the subject matter.

And so, whatever the power was that compelled you to try out this unique episode, we offer our sincere thanks!

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2 Responses to Premium Episode #2 is Available – Demons:Elemental Evil

  1. Anthony says:

    Ted, Tony,

    Thanks so much for offering this premium episode. I’m a long-time fan and I’m so glad to help support your efforts in this way. Great topic!


  2. Hi Anthony – it’s Tony here…. glad you enjoyed the episode, and thanks so much for your support. It’s all about value for your investment, so we are very pleased to hear that these are well-received :-)

    Cheers to all!
    -Another Anthony