Episode 334 – Skyping about Israeli Horror


It’s been a frigid and blizzardy week here in Kingstown so rather than further delay recording we hopped on skype to spend an hour discussing whatever sprang to mind – and that’s the vibe of this week’s episode as we are truly all over the place!

Tony attends a classic James Bond double-bill, Ted goes to Israel in pursuit of obscure horror, Quentin Tarantino does his thing, and Bill Cosby even makes an appearance in our news column! The recent and tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is covered as well as some other recent points of interest.

A new contest of sorts is announced for those who have / will be grabbing our brand new premium Demons episode – a fabulous double bluray set of the definitive Elm Street documentary “Never Sleep Again” (courtesy of Andrew Kasch, co-director of the doc and friend of the Horror Etc Podcast). A mish-mash of sorts compounded by blustery travel woes, but a warm chat amongst friends offers pleasant diversion from one of the worst winters in recent memory.

James Bond talk: 12:02 – 22:05
Big Bad Wolves: 34:30
Rabies: 45:44

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One Response to Episode 334 – Skyping about Israeli Horror

  1. Dawn says:

    Speaking so highly of Seinfeld, as you were, have you ever checked out the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account? I just heard of it last week through another podcast and I ended up scrolling through about a year’s worth of tweets. The premise is “What if Seinfeld is still on the air?” and each tweet is an episode plot. It’s pretty hilarious. https://twitter.com/SeinfeldToday