Episode 335 – What We’ve been Watching (show topic edition)


Our rundown of what we’ve been watching ended up resulting in a list of show topics to keep us going for the next few months. Anthony takes a break from editing to listen to Ted run on about some movies he has been checking out and as usual things ended up taking some unexpected twists and turns.

After getting some bragging in about Canada’s success at Sochi, we talk about the surprisingly smart and funny Lego Movie (and marvel at the enormous quantity of properties crossing over). The new UK zombie flick Stalled managed to offer something in the genre that hadn’t been done before. As promised, Ted caught up with The Abominable Snowman (1957) and it truly is another Hammer gem. A quick diversion into real life horror 12 Years A Slave was balanced with a Corman/”Poe” gothic classic The Haunted Palace (1963). The Belgian film Amer (2009) is a very difficult to describe visual trip reminiscent of Berberian Sound Studio, and Solo (2013) set up three distinct paths to follow in delivering a single location horror story – however may have chosen the wrong one.

Ultimately, the highlight of the week was a low budget Canadian gem The Dirties (2012). More real life horror that impressed with intelligence and natural performances that leave a lasting impact. It’s another shorter show this week but as you will hopefully agree, the roster of upcoming show topics we came up with along the way make the road ahead a lot of fun to look forward to.

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One Response to Episode 335 – What We’ve been Watching (show topic edition)

  1. VampireJack says:

    Hi guys.
    Just listening to your Demons special and you mention Tales From The Crypt and the lack of a 3rd movie. Well, there was a 3rd but it went stv (or dvd in this case) – TALES FROM THE CRYPT – RITUAL.